Welcome to the Thinking in Rails site.  This is a site where fans of the Ruby on Rails world can come and start to learn how to think in the pragmatic, agile, and DRY way that the Rails world requires.

This site (or at least the URL) was born out of a conversation with another programmer about the different ways that you have to think when you are a Rails programmer.  It’s not just the pragmatic principles, but the impression that there is a single “right” way to do a given task.

As a perl programmer who moved up the ranks from the original cgi-bin style pure perl scripts, then embedded into the apache server with mod_perl, and then the pseudo-frameworks of EmbPerl and HTML::Mason.  While there are perl web frameworks (Catalyst and MayPole for example), they just didn’t seem to…. feel right, or at least give the same “good feeling” that you get from looking at an elegant Ruby on Rails application.

To quote the Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails book:

But there’s something else to Rails—something that’s hard to describe. Somehow, it just feels right. Of course, you’ll have to take our word for that until you write some Rails applications for yourself

I’m hoping this site will help people like myself who are new to Rails and Ruby to find a few bits and pieces of help to get them going on their way to being better and more productive Ruby on Rails programmers.