Rails Resources

As with all noobie learners, one of the best ways to learn about Ruby and Rails is to read sites on the net.  This has it’s good sides and bad sides.  On the good side, there’s a vast amount of information out there, free for the taking.  People are willing to throw out information about coding skills, projects, give you access to their source code…. all for free.  On the bad side, it’s the wild west.  There’s scads of information, mostly unsorted, and a lot of the people sharing it are on the edge of the technology, and it’s very easy to get lost in the latest-and-greatest and completely miss learning the simple and fundamental lessons.

To quote a game programming book I read once long ago: “First make it work, then make it work fast.”  It’s fairly easy to move that to the ruby world.  “First write a rails app, then write one with the latest wiz-bang plugin.”  OK, maybe it doesn’t work that well :)

Here’s a list of some of the sites I keep in my RSS reader for keeping up to date…