Discovering Ruby With Ruby Warrior

Thanks to the FV.rb last night I discovered Ruby Warrior, a neat and fun way of learning ruby.  It goes like this….

First, head to and download the tree by using “git clone“, then simply run “bin/rubywarrior” out of the main ruby-warrior directory that the git clone command creates.  The first run will create a profile and set up the initial part of the “game”.

The “game” is a bit like the old adventure text games, with a simple ASCII “dungeon” that you see your guy move through, and as the levels progress you will encounter monsters, harder monsters, captives to rescue, and so on as you move from one side of the dungeon to the stairs on the other side.  The system is turn based, so you are basically creating yourself a little state machine.  You basically check to see if there’s something in front of you and if not walk, if it’s an enemy, attack, etc.

To do this you end up doing something like this:

  1. You look at the README file in the ruby-warrior/beginner-tower/level-001/ directory.  You may have “intermediate-tower” instead of beginner depending on the level you chose during the initial setup.
  2. Follow what the README file says and edit the file ruby-warrior/beginner-tower/level-001/player.rb adding code to make your warrior move and fight.
  3. Run bin/rubywarrior and see how well your warrior moves and fights.  It will either succeed and allow you to continue to the next level (in which case go to step 1, substituting the right number in the “level-00N” directory), or you will fail, in which case, re-edit the warrior.rb file and try again.

The game isn’t for complete and total programming n00bs, but might be a bit simple for people who know programming, but not ruby 🙂  It starts out with simple commands and simple if/then/else control structures.  However, it does make it cool and interesting enough that it has kept my interest for at least until now.