Rails Resources

As with all noobie learners, one of the best ways to learn about Ruby and Rails is to read sites on the net.  This has it’s good sides and bad sides.  On the good side, there’s a vast amount of information out there, free for the taking.  People are willing to throw out information about coding skills, projects, give you access to their source code…. all for free.  On the bad side, it’s the wild west.  There’s scads of information, mostly unsorted, and a lot of the people sharing it are on the edge of the technology, and it’s very easy to get lost in the latest-and-greatest and completely miss learning the simple and fundamental lessons.

To quote a game programming book I read once long ago: “First make it work, then make it work fast.”  It’s fairly easy to move that to the ruby world.  “First write a rails app, then write one with the latest wiz-bang plugin.”  OK, maybe it doesn’t work that well :)

Here’s a list of some of the sites I keep in my RSS reader for keeping up to date…

The Challenge of Learning Ruby

One of the biggest challenges I have as a Perl programmer is dealing with the change in the underlying language that Rails is written in, namely, Ruby.  To help with this I’m working myself through Project Euler to do a couple of things

  • Force myself to work through problems in Ruby
  • After solving the problems, see how others did them

The last item is the most important.  I generally start off in a very perl-ish, procedural way.  When the answer arrives it’s a real eye opener to see how others solve the issues.  For example, for one problem after solving it in what I thought was a fairly elegant way (a couple of short functions), seeing the first Ruby based solution in the forums the programmer had used a quick Monkey Patch (modification of the base Integer class in this case) to simply add a function that did what he wanted.  I had never even thought of this!  I knew the capabilities of Ruby to do this, but my brain just hadn’t triggered the idea that this was a good solution.

The pros and cons of Monkey Patching are a discussion for another day of course :)

I’m fairly proud of myself, I have worked through some of the problems and even just wrote the following line of code… on purpose!

(1..100).inject { |s,i| s*i }.to_s.split(//).inject(0) { |s,n| s + n.to_i }

I admit that my perl-ish nature of doing it all on one line came out a bit :) The actual solution that I came up with was a bit nicer of course!

Learn Ruby on Rails in Some Easy Steps

Are you looking for a one step further into Programming? Well, what are you waiting for when you got such amazing programming , i.e., Ruby on Rails. Well, this platform is one of the best platforms to choose if you are a beginner to programming. However, it is a community of Rubyist that helps everyone to code and learn everything easily. Unlike all other programming languages, Ruby Language is easy to use and implement.

When it comes to the rails, then this is the best and the most popular web development platform and frameworks. The benefits associated with the rails are unlimited and one day you will get inspired for real and will develop a new startup of yours on Rails. You can check the blogs and many such things of the people in the Ruby community. They help you with everything, and the response rate is too high. Here are some steps that can help you to get started with the Ruby on Rails. So let us get to it –

Master the Technologies

Mastering means that you should know everything about the code in here. There are many ways in which it can help you and should have knowledge of CSS, Java, HTML and all other development languages that are associated with the Linux. In order to master the beginner level, you have to smart enough to know where to start, and the best way is to get a hold on these languages that reused for Web Development.

Learning the Ruby Language before Rails

Learning doesn’t mean that you should be totally engaged in the theoretical books and blogs. There is no use of that if you are not implementing it anywhere. If you want to use the Ruby on Rails, then you should know about the Ruby Language first as it is all you need for a better start.

There are many courses available online and offline if you are planning for the individual study. Be fierce and make the most out of these courses and it will take you a long way up to the top. Take a leap towards the coding world with the help of Java, CSS, and HTML, and it will help you in so many ways.

Get on the Rails

Getting on the rails is all you need after a long coding class of Ruby. Don’t go out in some number of days but all you need is practice for now, and after a long practice you should move to the rails. There are many courses offered to get started with rails, and it is all you need.

Choose up online or offline courses that are so much popular in the market, but it can be a study full of doubts. So the best way is to get on the rails or join up the community of Ruby on Rails. These people will help you with so many things, and you will get detailed knowledge about it.