Bought 2 Rails Books

Got a couple of Ruby on Rails books out at the local Chapters today. After hearing a bunch of reviews, I picked up “Head First Rails”. This has a very unique way of teaching, obvious not only from the front page of the book (which immediately said to me “get rid of this and go onto the next book, this is crap”) to the inside and first chapter I’m going through. However, give it a shot and read through the introduction chapter and give it a shot. It’s different for sure, but in a good way.  One of the biggest things for me was the first chapter wasn’t a “how to install rails” section.  It really gets right down to business, which is a nice change.

Also, on a whim I grabbed “Advanced Rails Recipes”. The latter one I had seen before, but the idea of just having a book full of “how to do random thing X” was fairly appealing.  I don’t technically need this just yet, but it’ll be nice to have a paper copy for when I do reach that stage :)