Welcome to the Thinking in Rails site.  This is a site where fans of the Ruby on Rails world can come and start to learn how to think in the pragmatic, agile, and DRY way that the Rails world requires. This site (or at least the URL) was born out of a conversation with another programmer about the different […]

The Ins and Outs of Serving Rails

One of the biggest failures I found starting in Rails was the lack of a standard for hosting.  In the mod_perl or php world, the standard apache distribution has everything needed built in to the standard distribution, and you’d be hard pressed to find a hosting system (of any size) that doesn’t have them. Rails on the other hand, […]

Rails Resources

As with all noobie learners, one of the best ways to learn about Ruby and Rails is to read sites on the net.  This has it’s good sides and bad sides.  On the good side, there’s a vast amount of information out there, free for the taking.  People are willing to throw out information about coding skills, […]

Bought 2 Rails Books

Got a couple of Ruby on Rails books out at the local Chapters today. After hearing a bunch of reviews, I picked up “Head First Rails”. This has a very unique way of teaching, obvious not only from the front page of the book (which immediately said to me “get rid of this and go onto the […]

Discovering Ruby With Ruby Warrior

Thanks to the FV.rb last night I discovered Ruby Warrior, a neat and fun way of learning ruby.  It goes like this…. First, head to http://github.com/ryanb/ruby-warrior/tree/master and download the tree by using “git clone“, then simply run “bin/rubywarrior” out of the main ruby-warrior directory that the git clone command creates.  The first run will create a profile and set up […]

Learn Ruby on Rails in Some Easy Steps

Are you looking for a one step further into Programming? Well, what are you waiting for when you got such amazing programming , i.e., Ruby on Rails. Well, this platform is one of the best platforms to choose if you are a beginner to programming. However, it is a community of Rubyist that helps everyone […]