About Us

Alan Bailward

I’ve been a programmer since the mid-90s, a unix geek since the early-90s, and a complete nerd since grade 3. I enjoy programming, blogging, photography, and the emerging web 2.0 world.

Sadly I have yet to acquire the notoriety that I so desire. About the only thing I’m “famous” for is a wee little picture that you might recognize. And no, I’m not really 🙂

For the last few years I’ve been doing contract programming and have developed a set of web applications using mostly Perl and Perl-based frameworks. In 2007 I discovered Ruby on Rails via the first of the Pragmatic books and fell in love. All the things I had had to do “by hand” each time a new project came along were suddenly give to me… for free.

This is a love affair that has started slowly, but has grown wings recently.

You can follow me if you are interested enough to cyber-stalk me:

@arcterex on Twitter
My GitHub account (sadly not nearly used as much as I’d like (yet))
The ArcterJournal, my personal Blog
My Flickr feed
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I also hang out during the day and some evenings as Arcterex (or ArcWork, ArcLunch, or ArcAway) on the #FV.rb channel on Freenode if you want to chat!